Michael Hillerby is primary point of contact for general issues related to first-year mathematics. He is located in the First-Year Mathematics Office located in PHSC 219C. His email is; his office phone is (405) 325-3427.


If there are issues in a specific course, then the first point of contact is the course instructor. Note that only the student enrolled in the course should be contacting the instructor. Should the issue be related to the course instructor, then the student should contact the course coordinator. Students should be able to contact either the course instructor or the course coordinator through the course website on Canvas.


DMAT courses are offered through the Developmental Studies program. They are designed to give students a refresher in mathematics, specifically basic and intermediate algebra. They serve as prerequisites to MATH 1473, MATH 1503, and MATH 1643. For additional information on these courses, the Developmental Studies program, and contact information, please go to the Developmental Studies website.


If there are issues related to enrolling in a course or other advising issues (including wanting to enroll in a math major or minor), the student should contact the Mathematics Department Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Catherine Hall. Her office is located in PHSC 425. Dr. Hall’s preferred method of communication is via email:; however, you may also reach her at (405) 325-3427.


If there are issues related to the Math Center, the student should contact either the Mathematics Center Director, Christine Tinsley, or the Mathematics Center Associate Director, Ashley Berger. Their offices are located inside the Math Center (PHSC 232). They respond to email sent to


If there are issues related to the Mathematics Department that are beyond the scope of first-year mathematics, the student should contact Lorraine Inkster. She is located in PHSC 423. Her preferred method of communication is via the telephone at (405) 325-6711. However, you may also reach her via email at  She will be able to direct you appropriately.


The OU Math Club is an active group of students who meet approximately twice per month to listen to talks, go on field trips, or find out about mathematical careers. Dr. Hall serves as the adviser to the club, her contact information is above under Math Advising Issues.