First-year mathematics courses offered through OU’s Math Department fall into three tracks:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning (track that satisfies the general education math requirement at OU – primarily for arts, humanities, and some social science majors that don’t require as much mathematics)
  2. Functions & Modeling (track required for most business, life science, and social science majors – primarily for those majors whose fields involve some specific mathematical applications)
  3. STEM Calculus (track required for most science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors – primarily for those whose fields require significant mathematics)
  Quant Reasoning
  • MATH 1473
      STEM Calc
  • MATH 1503
  • MATH 1523
  • MATH 1823/1914*
  • MATH 2423/2924*
Functs & Modeling
  • MATH 1643
  • MATH 1743
  • MATH 2123

Note that there are two different STEM Calculus tracks. The first is a three-semester track, in which each course is 4 credits. The second is a four-semester track, in which each course is 3 credits. The first track moves “faster” and requires much more study time each semester. It is important to make sure that you are in a track where you are most likely to be successful. For additional information, please see the OU Calculus Track Options document.


For additional information on course titles, descriptions, and prerequisites, please see the mathematics section of the undergraduate course catalog.